XXII International Congress of Human Management

XXII International Congress of Human Management “THE FUTURE OF WORK”

This year we will participate in the XXII International Congress of Human Management “THE FUTURE OF WORK”, organized by ADPUGH. You can meet us at the event or attend the round table where we will be presenting with José Gordin, HR Consultant at Zenks, about:

Human Resources rests in peace (RIP) Research Innovation Platform.

The relationships between the employees in the companies are going to be increasingly instantaneous, more use of digital media and less face to face / face to face, and increasingly at greater distances, between the places of decision making and / or those of support.

When we talk about these changes, which generate an impact on the interaction of people and the economic results of companies, the most sensitive points that affect the person’s energy and motivation are:

  • The Communication – Being communicated in real time, at a distance and at any time, regardless of whether the other is online or can, is a feature of reality. Added to the fact that people want information about what is happening now in other spaces and to be able to make their opinions felt in all the issues related to their presence in the company’s ecosystem.

  • Training – On demand learning modalities are required to learn about everything related to the company – the Mission, the Vision, the Objectives, the Clients, the services / products that it provides. Trainings that go from induction processes, with interactive videos, through reminders and even launch of new activities, services and products.

  • Recognition – Collaborators want to know, in real time and frequently, what they think of their tasks, their actions and behaviors. They want to know the opinions of their bosses, their peers and to be able to contrast with what they themselves believe about their performance.

The future of the business world means that the areas of people management must accompany the business on a day-to-day basis, providing appropriate solutions to the times, needs and orders of the internal Clients, areas of the company, of the Collaborators and of the actors that influence the company. – trade union, social, state, etc. – to be in form “rest in peace”.



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