With Zenks Communication we can provide the Company’s Collaborators with a direct communication channel in which they can see all the news of the company day by day without losing anything and having the information in one place.

We collaborate with personal interrelation, individual and group professional performance. We promote communication among all collaborators and help them achieve the proposed objectives.

With Zenks Communication you can make different types of notices and generate different communication campaigns, either to conduct surveys, to know the opinion of the Collaborators as well as to make announcements sending the daily news of the company.

Some of the announcements that you can make are:

  • Events: You will be able to send the future events that will be made, the Collaborators will be able to confirm the attendance and you will have the information in real time of the answers of the Collaborators.
  • Announcements: You can send simple announcements! For example, “Remember that today is the last day to request salary advances”
  • Surveys: You can carry out simple surveys to be able to know the opinion of the Collaborators, for example, «Should we buy tea or coffee for next friday?» So that the Collaborators can choose between both. You can see the answers in real time!
  • Notifications: Collaborators will receive notifications of the announcements made from the company or from another Contributor.

Ads can be grouped into different types of ads, so that messages reach the collaborators that you want. These can be grouped based on branches, work areas or other desired category.

You can also automate the repetitive queries made by the Collaborators, through a chatbot (virtual assistant) the Collaborators will be able to make queries of the style: How many days of leave do I have to take this year? Saving time to you and providing the information in record time.

For more information about Zenks Communication, you can send us an email to or request a demo.