With Zenks Training you can provide the Collaborators with different articles and courses so that they can see and train when and where they want.

Thanks to this module, you will obtain several advantages at the time of starting the trainings in the company for the Collaborators. You can have a higher reach at lower cost, since the articles and courses will be available through the cell phone of each one of the Collaborators, avoiding the disbursement of large investments in intranet within a reduced environment, having that to gather the collaborators in small groups so that they must attend at a certain time to be able to realize the courses, will have everything to the reach of a click.

You can develop the skills of the work teams in order to optimize the performance of each of the collaborators. They will have at their fingertips the different articles to be able to visualize (in text or video format). You can also associate small quizzes so that they respond, obtaining the answers in real time. In addition, you can group the different articles and courses into groups or categories so that the Collaborators can identify them in a simple way.

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